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Becuase Weight Loss is a Math Problem

~Dr. Todd Miller

About Resistance
WE believe that weight loss is about incramentally shifting habits

Resistance is a lifestyle. We use resistance to train our bodies, both physically and mentally, shaping who we are and empowering ourselves. Resistance takes training and effort. It is not an overnight process, and it relies on science and habit forming. Time and training leads to incremental changes that are long-lasting, life-changing habits for a healthy life.

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Full access to Grizzly Family FiTness

As a Resistance member, you are also a member of Grizzly Family Fitness. Opportunities abound for taking your fitness journey even further. With childcare and programs for all ages, we are here to serve our community and provide a family friendly place to stay fit.

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Sometimes there is nothing better than having a professional who you work with one-on-one to keep you motivated and accountable. Our personal trainers are kind, professional, and committed.

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