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“because weight loss is a math problem”
- Dr. Todd Miller

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About Resistance
WE believe that weight loss is about incramentally shifting habits

Resistance is a lifestyle. We use resistance to train our bodies, both physically and mentally, shaping who we are and empowering ourselves. Resistance takes training and effort. It is not an overnight process, and it relies on science and habit forming. Time and training leads to incremental changes that are long-lasting, life-changing habits for a healthy life.

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The Right Metrics Matter

Most weight loss programs don’t incorporate a metabolic analysis. Knowing how many calories your body burns a day while at rest is critical in establishing a proper eating program. A one-size plan does not fit all because two people can have dramatically different metabolic rates.

Our state-of-the-art Reevue metabolic analyzer will accurately determine how many calories a day your body burns at rest.

InBody Scale

The second critical piece of information you need is to know your body fat percentage. Body fat percentage is better than the bathroom scale because you may be losing body fat and gaining muscle. You may be looking better and better because muscle is denser than fat but the bathroom scale won’t reflect your gains.

Resistance membership includes a monthly body fat analysis to chart your successes.

MyZone Belt

Wearing your MyZone Belt during workouts will be part of your individual plan. MyZone tracks your heart rate and calories burned.

We even hold periodic challenges! Besides that, MyZone helps make working out a lot more fun!

Goal Setting

Your personal coach will help you write goals and develop your individualized plan.

You will re-visit your plan periodically to adjust your goals and plan as needed.

Modify your eating habits

You already know this but half of your journey will be adjusting your eating habits. Using your metabolic rate score and the calorie guidelines recommended by the Miller Method staff, you will have a reliable guide on how many calories a day you can consume and still see weight loss. Resistance weight loss doesn’t recommend any diet program— that’s up to you.

What we do recommend is responsible eating with calorie counting, using the FREE FatSecret app that your coach will show you how to use.

Don't Try to do it alone

You want accountability!

Your coach will regularly check in during your journey to a better you.Without accountability, expect to fail!

Exercise with intention

Most people trying to lose weight don’t know what exercises are best. Your Resistance Coach will encourage you to exercise with a plan.

While some cardio is good, it should not be the only thing you do. You must also incorporate resistance training. Your coach will help you develop a program to get you on your best path for success.